Juggling Projects


Someone recently asked me which certification they should go for: Certified Scrum Master or Certified Scrum Practitioner? My answer was simple: get the Certified Scrum Master credential and ignore the Practitioner designation.

While the CSP (Practitioner) designation is a higher level qualification than the CSM (Scrum Master), the difference is not large. The CSP is, essentially, as CSM with on year of experience managing agile projects.

Practically speaking, one year is not a lot of experience at anything. It will not make much of a difference when an employer is looking at resumes whether one has an extra years' experience or not. Couple that with the fact that the CSM is starting to become widely recognized by employers (at least the ones using Scrum internally and who are looking for Scrum project leaders), yet the CSP is still largely unknown by employers.

If I were spending my own money (as opposed to a corporate training budget), I would go for the CSM and stop there. The CSP (in my mind) would be a wasted investment - the difference would not justify the added work and expense.